The HALO Bass Bundle Expansion Packs… Bass lovers only!  117 Presets and 71 Sample Banks of some of the heaviest, fiercest and meanest bass sounds you will hear…  All completely malleable within the HALO engine and free to randomise and tweak as much as you like…

All presets have been crafted using the full breadth of HALO’s unique functionality. Using a range of hardware and software synthesisers, both digital and analogue sound sources and fx and processing all the sample banks were painstakingly put together to create the finest re-sampled audio for each expansion, and every expansion has it’s own unique character and qualities.

Purchasing bundles is the most cost effective way of acquiring the HALO Expansions. And stay tuned for further packs coming soon…

Check out the videos below to get a taste.



Product Requirements: HALO (Full Version – Does not work with HALO LITE)