**HALO FX is part of the HALO-2 package but can be bought separately if required

The HALO FX plug-in brings the pristine filters, customisable distortions, EQs, fx and modulations from the HALO virtual instrument directly into your plug-in effect chain.

With a signal flow comprising of a triple multi filter complete with individual LFOs, four distortions including a customisable waveshaper and bit-crusher, a post distortion filter with LFO, a reverb, delay, phaser, chorus, limiter and a choice of two EQs HALO FX is the fastest way of dialling in experimental FX ever created. Within only a few clicks you can add any or all of the processing available in HALO FX. The Random Preset Generator will create totally new, useable, interesting settings to shape your sounds in ways you never would otherwise.

Via the extensive Preset collection you can easily access a range of fine tuned settings, from intense distortions, huge reverbs, cavernous delays, rhythmic modulations and glitchy effects.

  • 50 Fine Tuned Presets
  • Custom Waveshaping Distortion
  • Parametric Master EQ
  • 3 Multi Filters with Modulation
  • Post Distortion Multi Filter + LFO
  • Reverb, Delay, Phaser & Chorus FX
  • Tone EQ for Easy EQ Shaping
  • Master Peak Limiter
  • Precision Analysers
  • Random Preset Generation
  • VST / AU / AAX