**Fully Updated for HALO-2

Introducing “MONO-SYNTH”, a deep dive into Analog Mono Synthesis…

Featuring a whopping 80 brand new presets and 54 sample banks created from the legendary EREBUS 3, BASS STATION II and MICROBRUTE mono synths, comprising of fiercesome reeses, lush leads and pads, chord combinations, subs and stabs…  Pure analogue goodness blended perfectly in the digital domain!

Create totally new sounds by easily applying complex modulations and macros, or swap out sample maps for countless variations. Hit the random button for instant original inspiration and modulation ideas. Easily design custom distortions to drive your sounds to the limit and beyond!

Check out the video preview to get a feel for how it sounds!


Product Requirements: HALO (Full Version – Does not work with HALO LITE)

All presets have been crafted using the full breadth of HALO’s unique functionality. Using a range of hardware and software synthesisers, both digital and analogue sound sources and fx and processing all the sample banks were painstakingly put together to create the finest re-sampled audio for each expansion, and every expansion has it’s own unique character and qualities.

Purchasing bundles is the most cost effective way of acquiring the HALO Expansions. And stay tuned for further packs coming soon…

Create Your Own Expansion Bundle...
Expansions Discount Expansion Price
2 £2.50 £12.50
3 £3.34 £11.66
4 £5.00 £10.00
5 + £6.00 £9.00

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