A small yet BIG sounding ‘one knob’ style plug-in from DHPlugins…

Essentially a multi-effect distortion plug-in BASS-FACE is a simple but HUGE sounding way to inject extra weight and life into your sound.  With 3 different modes, each with increasing aggression, BASS-FACE delivers a variety of tones and craft to enhance your audio with the least amount of effort.  Whilst great on bass sounds BASS-FACE also works wonders on leads, drums, fx, guitars, or anything else you can feed it!


Small Plug-In, Big Sound… BASS-FACE is a ‘One-Knob’ style multi-effect plug-in designed to add presence and distortion to your sound. With 3 modes to select from, each increasing in drive and presence, BASS-FACE can add a gentle lift or face-melting heat to whatever you feed it.

A Simple interface and HUGE sound, BASS-FACE is designed as an enhancer / drive unit, processing several effects to add character, drive, width, modulation and presence to your sounds.

TYPE 1 – Gentle Presence, Space and Subtle Modulation

TYPE 2 – Saturation, Presence, Space and Subtle Modulation

TYPE 3 – Drive, Presence and Subtle Modulation

CLIP – Adds a no-frills hard clipper to the end of the signal chain

XTRA – Boosts the Spacial and Modulation effects



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